"An open road ahead, a blanket for a bed, a friendly fire while lonely coyotes wail..."

Thus begins the song, "The Oregon Trail" - traditionally performed by the Eugene Gleemen at each concert, a tradition stretching nearly 50 years.

Under the direction of Hugh Windon on May 28, 1926, a dedicated group of 51 civic-minded men from the Rotary Club, the Kiwanis and the Chamber of Commerce became the performing group, The Eugene Gleemen.

From our beginnings through today, community service and the Joy of Singing have carried the Eugene Gleemen soundly into the 21st Century.

The Eugene Gleemen, a partner in the Oregon Cultural Trust, have been an active part of this community, providing entertainment, inspiration, and outreach. Along with our two annual concerts and our annual Valentine Sweetheart's Ball, we provide a variety of community services. Regularly entertaining audiences at retirement centers during the Christmas Holiday and participating in various occasions with patriotic songs sung at such venues as the Lane County Fair Senior Day, as well as providing stirring performances of our national anthem at Eugene Emeralds games, University of Oregon basketball games, and other occasions help us stay connected with this community.

For a list of upcoming performances, please check the Gleemen Calendar of Events.