Michael Barry's 80th Birthday Party

 Date Posted: Tue, Feb 20 2024
Happy Birthday Michael !
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News Report on Lynn Egli

 Date Posted: Sun, Dec 31 2023

We find that Lynn is in the Hospital today (New Years) and you can send an email get well card.

Drop Lynn an email and make his day


Portland, Ore - Fourty-five years ago Lynn Egli was on a plane to Portland, United Flight 173, but he never reached the airport. 

On the evening of December 28th 1978, United Airlines Flight 173 crashed at NE 157th and Burnside in Portland, Oregon after running out of fuel. 189 people were on board and ten were killed.

Please watch his interview below. 

Another Portland Video on Flight 173

Lastly, A professional video on the entire investigation. 

Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon Fundraiser

 Date Posted: Fri, Dec 8 2023
What: Benefit for Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon(PRO) with the group Complicated
Where: Whirled Pies
When: 7-9pm, Feb. 9
Cost: Sliding scale-$15-$20
All proceeds from this event go to Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon
There will be several items to be raffled off as well.

Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon is a nonprofit local organization dedicated to supporting people with PD and their care-givers with activities, events and support

fall poster 2023 (The Eugene Gleemen)

Approaching our 100th year

 Date Posted: Thu, Aug 3 2023
"The San Francisco Bach Choir [ ] Founded in 1936, it is one of the oldest continuously performing community choirs in the western United States." The Eugene Gleemen was founded 10 years before this and could well be the oldest community chior in the West! Jim Weldy

Our Fall. Concert Series - This is My Country

 Date Posted: Tue, Jun 6 2023
Click on Attachment to view poster.